Hidden Facts About TMA

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Hidden Facts About TMA

Postby Hoodex » Mon Jun 04, 2018 3:52 pm

TMA 1 is set to be ready for student for a period between Tomorrow(Tuesday 5th to Tuesday 26th June 2018) .

It is an offence to circulate printed copies of your personalized question.

As you are aware these assignment are designed to ensure you are making full use of your study material.

Students will always find the tests quite helpful in making them understand the contents of these course materials .

No extra time will be allocated to the period of submission to TMA 1 which will be immediately followd by TMA 2.

We wish you the best of luck as you embark on answering


1. NOUN TMA will remain 3 (TMA 1-3)

2. Unlike before, you can’t print TMA anymore.

3. TMA will look more like E-exam: One question on a screen.

4. There will be 10 questions per TMA (e.g TMA 1 is 10 questions)

5. Still, on that, there will be timeline or period for each TMA and must be done within it period (e.g TMA 1, between June 5th and June 21st)

6. A failure to do TMA translates to a failure in that course.

7. Like before, you can’t see a TMA once submitted
8. Except you had submitted, you can go to a previous number before submission of a TMA. E.g, you are doing TMA 1 of CSS121 and you are in number 6, you can go back to number 2.

9. You can move ahead to another number if you do not know the answer to a particular number. E.g, you are in number 4 of ECO121 and do not know the answer, you can proceed to number 5.

10. A TMA will only have a timeline or period but not going to be time in minutes or hours. The implication is that you can open a TMA now, close it and come back to it later as long as it is within its timeline. E.g, you open TMA 1 of ECO121 at 9 am on June 5th.

You can close it and come back to reopen it at 9 pm on that same day or any other day within the timeline of TMA 1, only that the arrangement might have been changed as before.

Source: http://www.nouninfo.com/2018/06/latest- ... t-tma.html

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