Frequently Asked Questions On NOUN Agreement Form

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Frequently Asked Questions On NOUN Agreement Form

Postby Jed » Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:50 pm


A. What is NOUN Agreement Form?

*NOUN "Agreement Form" is similar to the one signed when you rent a room or apartment from a landlord or caretaker to certify you as the occupant.*

*Similar way you testify-abiding to rules and regulations of NOUN.*

*An easy way to obtain (the back and front printed document) is walking up to a café attendant in your study centre.*

B. Is the form necessary or important to all NOUN students?

*Yes, it is*

C. How do I get a genuine copy?

*Very easy, from your study centre café attendants*

D. Is it free?

*No, you get it for a token (photocopy fee)*

E. What next after getting copy of the form?

*You attach it appropriately to your passport and _Registered Exam Slip meant to be submitted at your faculty and stamped by your faculty officer*

F. How will I know my faculty officer or the right person to stamp it?

*Make enquiry at your study centre*

G. What will happen if I don't fill and stamp the 'Agreement Form' on time'?

*What you see is what you get - my friend do the needful

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