NOUN: Frequently Asked Questions

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NOUN: Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: I need to know the payment breakdown.
Answer: You can view the fees schedule by clicking on the following link

Question: How do I apply for a programme in NOUN?
Answer: Read procedure for application by clicking the following link

Question: How much is a course material?
Answer: You can view the fees schedule by clicking on the following

Question: How long does NOUN Programme take?
Answer: Depending on the Programme you are running with NOUN. However, you can visit your study centre or nearest study centre for detailed information.

Question: If graduated in NOUN, will NYSC mobilize me for the 1 Year compulsary Young Service Scheme?
Answer: Management is about completing discussion with stakeholders on this issue.

Question: Who will process the admission forms?
Answer: NOUN will process the forms and admit student directly by itself.

Question: What is the cost of the admission forms?
Answer: The cost of the form is 5,000 Naira.

Question: What are the courses to be offered?
Answer: NOUN offered courses in Agricultural Sciences, Arts, Education, Health Sciences, Law, Management Sciences, Science and Social Sciences.

Question: How long will it take me to complete my course?
Answer: The duration will be dependent on how long a student takes to accumulate the requisite number of credits needed for a final award. For example, a student shall require at least 120,90,60,35 and 70 credit units to earn an award for the Bachelor Degree, Post graduate Diploma, Diploma, Certificate and Masters Degree certificate respectively.

Question: Will the course be part-time?
Answer: Depending upon the time available to you and your workload, you can combine work and your studies or you can study full time and progress at your own rate.

Question: Will my certificate be comparable with thos from conventional universities?
Answer: Yes. NOUN certificate will in no way be inferior to those awarded by conventional universities since the same body National Universities Commission, sets the minimum standard.

Question: How will the students be taught?
Answer: NOUN will deliver instructions through the following:
1. Printed Materials
2. Audio/Video tapes
3. Radio and Television broadcasts.
4. CD-ROMS; and
5. Internet (Where appropriate).

Question: Will NEPA problem not affect the delivery of NOUN programmes?
Answer: NOUN will have standby generators in all the study centres.

Question: How will NOUN students be assisted and guided in their studies?
Answer: The students can come to the study centres where they will meet other students; and Instructional and Tutorial Facilitators who will deal with and solve their problem.


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