How To Graduate Well: 3 Things You Should Do

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How To Graduate Well: 3 Things You Should Do

Postby Richtubor » Fri Oct 06, 2017 10:34 pm

How To Graduate Well: 3 Things You Should Do

Below are the major facts and steps that you can take or begin to do today, that will ensure you finish well at the end of your course of study:

Develop Grit By Always Going The Extra Mile
Grit means having determination, resilience, and fortitude. It is doggedness and ability to face challenges refusing to give up.

Grit is a recipe for success. You need to excel in a country like ours where the ‘struggle is real’. But the question is, how can a student like yourself, develop grit?

The answer: Always go the extra mile.

For example, when other students are copying assignments to submit because “there’s no time” or for some other reasons, go the extra mile; stay up late, do the needed research, do the assignment and submit.

If your course of study is physics, go the extra mile to learn marketing.

Also, go the extra mile to ensure you get the best grades. Though having good grades don’t necessarily mean you’ll graduate well, it does have an important role it plays.

Acquire Sellable Skill(S)
I see many students go through school and come out with no skill at all. Nothing. Zilch!

Please I beg you; before you graduate, learn at least one skill you find interesting and that people can pay you for. This is super important.

Asides the fact that it will keep you engaged after you graduate and probably be a good source of income, it will also increase your value in the sight of employers.

Pursue Information, Stay Inspired And Motivated
Someone said “if you are not informed, you’ll be deformed” and I very much agree.

Information is key; get information as much as you can. In addition, also take steps to staying inspired and motivated. Read books, read good blogs, follow the news, know the trends, etc.

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