Nigerian Youths Are Lazy, But NOUN Students Are Exception by Adebanjo O. Daniel

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Nigerian Youths Are Lazy, But NOUN Students Are Exception by Adebanjo O. Daniel

Postby LadyB » Sun Apr 22, 2018 5:21 pm


Adebanjo O. Daniel

Its doesn't amaze me much when I saw the president speech in respect to the Nigerian youths.

Its so saddened that the cost of education in our country is an eyesore to the effort of Sir Awolowo,
Today the cheapest federal institutions cost 40 000 per year.
A country were parent have to pay their children tuition fee with loan, yet does not guarantee a decent job for the educated youth.

Our education system highly discourage students(youth) being productive, many conventional students attend lectures Monday - Friday (7-7) yet lecturers will expect them to either pay for mark or make sex exchange,
In western countries as a student there are lots of part time job you can keep that will never hinder the smooth running of your education, but in Nigeria the part time job a youth can easily engaged in is either bus conductor or sex worker.
An economy were you are not secured, no infrastructure and poor health system, how do you expect the youth to be productive intellectually ?

Most of our parents are govt workers, pensioners, farmers, etc. They go through hell before they could cater for their children welfare (feeding, clothing, education) yet, we have some states owning over 6months salary.
Will such parent be able to properly cater for the children?
Will such youth be able to think over social vices as way out ?
Yet, our president son rode carelessly on a bike of 10million naira, got his bone fractured, got free flight out of the country for presidential treatment. In a country were more than 70% youths are unemployed,
90% children are malnutrition,
60% of our primary health centre has become a manger.

Well, thank God for NOUN.

*"I have never seen a jobless NOUN Student"*

Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo vividly saw the problem and created a solution to the increasing graduate youth with no job experience, of which the Nigeria employment atmosphere will require 5yrs working experience from a fresh graduate.

Infact, *NOUN Students are the most productive.*

We are able to keep a job while in school, we are able to think more positively to impact our economy more better since we were able to have our basic needs through our job as we no longer depend on our parents like our counterpart in conventional universities.
Our parents are now able to take care of our younger ones better and we are also giving them the financial support needed, even as an undergraduate.
When I got admitted to NOUN, I was earning 10 000naira monthly, but today (now in 300L) this 10 000 is now a weekly allowance because I was able to build myself more on the job, I was more productive and creative that I now manage two businesses and still receive monthly take home from my first job for every little effort I make to the organization.

I keep my first job and I was still able to build 2 new businesses and employ over 5 people all because I was able to practice my course (Economics) in NOUN in real business.

Unlike my counterpart in conventional universities who never had the opportunity to do so at the time of study. Hence, the theory they learnt become obsolete when they get to the job after graduation.
Thus, they become less productive to the economy.

Its time the Nigerian govt give more allocation to NOUN, as this is the only solution to quality education without barrier.

We are Hardworking,
We don't have time for social vices,
We have time to meditate on how to be more productive,
We study at our own pace,
We never beg lecturers for mark,
We compliments our parents effort,
We move the nation forward,


*Adebanjo O. Daniel*
*CONS, Secretary-General*
(Congress Of NOUN Students)

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