Note:  GST104, GST204 & GST302 start Next semester

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Note:  GST104, GST204 & GST302 start Next semester

Postby Jed » Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:28 am


GST 101  - Use of English and Communication Skills I
GST 102  - Use of English and Communication Skills II
GST 103  - Computer Fundamentals
GST 104  - Use of Library
GST 105  - History and Philosophy of Science
GST 107  - A Study Guide for the Distance Learner
GST 201  - Nigerian Peoples and Culture
GST 202  - Fundamentals of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
GST 203  - Introduction to Philosophy and Logic
GST 204  - Entrepreneurship and Innovation
GST 301  - Entrepreneurship Studies
GST 302  - Business Creation and Growth
GST 707  - A Study Guide for the Distance Learner
GST 807  - A Study Guide for the Distance Learner.

*Note:  GST104, GST204 & GST302 start Next semester.*

Art, Education (Arts, Social Science and Foundation) and Social Science programmes are to register for GST105 – History and Philosophy of ScienceScience programmes including Science Education are to register for GST203 – Introduction to Philosophy and Logic.
*All students must register with CE&GS to enable tracking of students’ activities especially in entrepreneurship courses.*

Assessment for GST301 – Entrepreneurship Studies. The Student Business Plan shall be the Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA).  There will be no multiple-choice TMA. Students present business plan of 2000 words between the fourth and eight week of resumption in the semester in their various zones under the guidance of the Incubation Centre Coordinators.  There are three methods available for students to present their business plans according to an agreed schedule. The three methods are by:

*presenting in the virtual laboratory in the incubation centre;*

*presenting online/real time using video conferencing facilities (this will enable students to present from anywhere without a geographical barrier)making a 10 minutes video and posting it to CE&GS site where they will be assessed,*

*and feedback provided in synchronous online forum.* 

In this process, the student and the assessors will be online at the same time while the assessors watch the video with questions and answers through messaging.    

Student shall spend 10 minutes for presentation and 20 minutes for questions and answers.  All activities for the presentation must not exceed 1 hour.  Three Incubation Centre Coordinators or three assigned assessors shall grade, and average scores shall be recorded by the Incubation Centre Coordinator in the zone.  Students can be grouped into a maximum of 10 to work on same business plan and project, but the role of each student must be well spelt out in the plan.

Students put approved business plans into action.  Students work with the CE&GS ICT and content development unit to produce illustration of the business plan.  The illustration may be sketch, simulation or concrete product. Students with excellent prototypes/concepts/products could be encouraged to work with the incubation centre coordinators to take the idea forward.Students present finished products or servicesScoring for GST 301:

Business Plan 20%

Enterprise development Project (Presentation = 10% and the product or service (prototype or real) = 30%) 40% Examination


*Presentation Schedule for Business Plan.*

1. North West
3rd May – 7th May 2018

2. North East
8th May – 12th May 2018

3. North Central
14th May – 18th May 2018

4. South East
19th May – 24th May 2018

5. South West
25th May – 30th May 2018

6. South South
31st May – 5th June 2018. 

*Presentation Schedule for Enterprise Development Project.*

1. North West
21st May – 24th May 2018

2. North East
25th May – 30th May 2018

3. North Central
31st May – 6th June 2018

4. South East
7th June – 13th June 2018

5. South West
14th June – 20th June 2018

6. South South
21st June – 26th June 2018.


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