To All Newly Matriculated Students,

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To All Newly Matriculated Students,

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_A very warm welcome to you, from his majesty into the_ *NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA* , _and our entering transfer students; to parents and family members; and to our faculty and staff most especially the_ *VC*
as we officially witness the 17th matriculation. It is an honor and a privilege to greet you on this happy occasion


*NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY:* _You have a great adventure ahead of you. You will dive into your academic and make new friends. You will be able to take advantage of an enormous range of activities on campus that play to your current interests of study . And you will also find opportunities to explore areas completely new to you._


_The academic community you are entering is truly and well standard varsity._ *NOUN OPEN UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA*
is defined by people who care deeply about each other and the world in which they live and work, and who take great pride in the academic mission of the University. By engaging fully and collaboratively in their studies, in their groundbreaking research, and with communities both near
and afar, *NOUN* _people are having a great impact on society._


_You must also make sure that you don’t stereotype yourself, and settle for a static university experience. Students often develop strong friendships and define their co-curricular interests early on at_ *NOUN* .
Those early choices can be enduring and wonderful. But don’t allow yourself to fly on autopilot for the next four years. Each year of your program should bring new friends, new opportunities, and hopefully, a new perspective. Remember to stay open to all the opportunities that will present themselves to you over the course of your time here. Remain open to new and transformational experiences.


All of these experiences, of course, will change you. Often times, it’s scary to leave our comfort zones behind in order to allow ourselves to grow. Don’t fight this change; embrace it. Use it to learn about yourself: your strengths and your weaknesses. And as you grow, question your existing beliefs and question others. At times self-discovery will be difficult, but with confidence and an open mind, you’ll develop a depth of character and a richness of personality of which you will be proud.



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