NOUN 2018_1 POP Exams: July 3, 2018

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NOUN 2018_1 POP Exams: July 3, 2018

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Day 2, July 3, 2018


AEM450 Agricultural Finance & Marketing
ACP301 Arable Crop Production
CRP309 Arable Crop Production
HCM444 Global Tourism Issues
AEM719 Extension Method And Communication
AEM509 Agricultural Business Management
SLM306 Soil Erosion And Conservation
CRS316 Hebrew Syntax
CRS721 Systematic Theology
CRS803 Inter-religious Dialogue
ENG314 Public Speaking
ENG434 Literary Stylistics
ISL312 Exegesis Of The Quran
ISL472 Islam_s Contributions To Civilization
HEM703 Disease Illness And Society
PHS424 Primary Emergency Obstetrics Care
NSS321 Medical Surgical Nursing I
PUL341 Criminal Law I
PUL342 Criminal Law II


AEM302 Extension Teaching, Learning Process And Meth
ARD302 Extension Teaching Learning Process And Metho
AEM508 Technological And Social Change In Agricultur
AEM713 Tree Crop Production
HCM348 Hospitality & Tourism Management
ANP310 Genetics and Breeding
ARD308 Principles Of Cooperative Practices
CRS432 Applied Ethics
CRS825 Religion And Social Change In Africa
ENG313 Black Diaspora Literature: African-american
FRE331 Advanced Studies In French Phonetics
ISL313 Introduction to World Religions
ISL412 Tafsir: Exegesis of Selected Passages of the 
HEM704 Basic Anatomy And Physiology Of Hum
EHS319 Introduction To Demography
PHS507 Outreach And Mobile Health Services
NSC303 Concepts And Strategies In Public-community H
NSS403 Medical Surgical Nursing III
NSS311 Primary Health Care I
CLL231 Labour Law I
CLL232 Labour Law II
PPL421 Land Law I


HCM431 Advanced Food & Beverage Production
SLM305 Introduction To Soil Chemistry Fertility And
AEM505 Administration And Programme Planning In Exte
CRP305 Crop Genetics and Breeding
HCM303 Food Services and Professionalism
CRS323 Old Testament Theology
CRS722 Pastoral Theology
CRS826 Ecclesiology
ENG415 Literary Theory And Criticism
FRE372 Pre-independence Francophone African Literatu
ISL372 Islam In Nigeria
PHS322 Community Mobilization And Particip
NSS504 Medical And Surgical Nursing Iv
NSS302 Nutrition In Health And Illness
NSS322 Medical Surgical Nursing II
PPL323 Law Of Torts I
PPL324 Law Of Torts II

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