2018_1: NOUN POP, Day 3 Exams

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2018_1: NOUN POP, Day 3 Exams

Postby Adebisi » Tue Jul 03, 2018 2:55 pm

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NOUN POP: Day 3 Exams

- July 4, 2018 


AEA306 Farm Record And Accounting
AEC306 Farm Records & Accounting
HCM345 Wine & Food Pairing Principles
AEM451 Farm Business Organisation
AEM712 Agric Ext. Programme Planning And Evaluation
AEM502 Extension Organization Management And Supervi
ANP312 Introduction To Genetics And Breeding
HCM439 Hotel Planning And Interior Design
CRS820 Current Trends In Old Testament Scholarship
CRS314 Inter-testamental Literature
CRS723 Liberation And Feminist Theologies
ENG316 Communication For Business
ENG453 Language And National Development
ISL330  Advanced Study of Sawm and Hajj
ISL435 Textual Studies Of Hadith
HEM705 Human Behaviour In Illness
PHS509 Geriatrics, Gerontology And Care Of
NSS508 Occupational Health
CLL233 Law Of Contract I
CLL234 Law Of Contract II
PPL423 Equity And Trust I


ACP305 Principles Of Crop Protection
AGB404 Bio Resources Managemment
HCM347 Commercial Recreation Management
AEC403 Agric Production Economics & Resources
ANP313 Poultry Production
CRS423 Comparative Ethics In A Pluralistic Society
CRS724 New Testament Theology
CRS832 New Religious Movements In Africa
FRE381 Advanced Studies In French Lit In The 17th Ce
ISL374 Islamic Political Institutions
ISL431 Principles Of Islamic Jurisprudence
HEM706 Alcohol Drug And Hiv/aids
EHS409 Sewage & Waste Water Management
NSC305 Medical Surgical Nursing I
NSS511 Gerontological Nursing
PUL321 Enviromental Law I
PUL322 Environmental Law II
JIL531 Maritime Law I
JIL532 Maritime Law II


AEM303 Agrarian Institutions And Their Management
AEM501 Statistics And Research Methods In Extension
ANP301 Introduction To Non-ruminant Animal Productio
AEM722 Ruminant Animals
HCM438 Hospitality Supervision And Quality Managemen
HCM304 food & Beverages Production IV
CRP306 Principles of Irrigation and Drainage
CRS324 New Testament Theology
CRS828 Further Hebrew
ENG454 Multilingualism
FRE382 French Literature In The 18th Century
ISL332 Al-mu_?mal?t In The Shariah
HEM745 Management And Care Of Hiv/aids
PHS422 Clinical Skills I &II
NSS411 Educational And Curriculum Design
NSS513 Ophthalmology Nursing
PUL337 Public Administrative Law

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