2018_1 NOUN POP Day 5 Exams - Friday, July 6 2018

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2018_1 NOUN POP Day 5 Exams - Friday, July 6 2018

Postby Adebisi » Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:04 pm

2018_1 NOUN POP Day 5 Exams
Friday, July 6 2018


AEA303 Agricultural Production Economics
HCM433 Management & Organizational Behaviour
AEM510 Psychology For Extension Personnel
AEM701 Agric Extension Education
AEM304 Communication And Audio-visual Techniques
ARD304 Communication Audio Visual Techniques
SOS301 Introduction To Pedology And Soil Classificat
SLM303 Introduction To Pedology And Soil Physics
CRS302 Messianism
CRS815 Prophetic Books And Wisdom Literature
ARA483 Arabic Rhetoric
CRS711 Biblical Hermeneutics
ENG341 The Phonology Of English
ENG414 Speech Writing
FRE422 Advanced Studies In French Language Structure
ISL343 Introduction To Islamic Theology
HEM710 Health System Management
PHS303 Introduction To Clinical Laboratory
NSC309 Maternal And Child Health I
NSS323 Maternal And Child Health I
CLL305 Banking Laws & Regulations
JIL513 Conflict Of Laws I
JIL514 Conflict Of Laws II


ANP307 Elementary Topics In Animal Breeding
AEM512 Rural Youth Programmes In Agricultural Extens
AEM738 Rural Development And Leadership
HCM305 Tourism Sales and Marketing
AGR307 Environmental Impact Assessment
CRP311 Stored Produce Protection
ARA382 Arabic Grammar II
CRS491 African Traditional Religion And Culture
CRS713 Critical Introduction To Old Testament
CRS841 Christianity And Colonialism In Nigeria
ENG351 Introduction To Applied Linguistics
FRE423 Linguistics Applied To The Teaching Of French
ISL436 Islamic Law Of Wasiyyah And Waqf
HEM712 Legal And Ethical Issues In Hiv/aid
PHS404 Occupational Health & Safety
NSS407 Research Methods In Nursing
NSS324 Maternal And Child Health II
JIL211 Nigerian Legal System I
JIL212 Nigerian Legal Systems II
PUL411 Oil And Gas Law I
PUL412 Oil And Gas II


ARD312 Management Of Agric. Extension Personnel
HCM434 Lodging Facilities Management
HCM313 Restaurant Entrepreneurship
AEM511 Leadership And Rural Development
AEM736 Extension Organization And Management
AGR309 Agro-climatology And Biogeography
CRS311 Gospel Of John
CRS817 Gospels
CRS422 Christology
CRS742 Reformation
ENG372 English Poetry
ENG432 Pragmatics
ISL355 Introduction To Ta?awwuf
ISL471 Contribution of West African Scholars to Isla
HEM731 Communication And Counselling In Hi
PHS308 Health Management I & II
NSS306 Environmental Health
PUL445 Law Of Evidence I
PUL446 Law Of Evidence II
PPL517 Alternative Dispute Resolution I
PPL518 Alternative Dispute Resolution II

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