How Nigerian Mentality In Education Is Slowly Killing Our Youths

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How Nigerian Mentality In Education Is Slowly Killing Our Youths

Postby Adele » Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:16 pm

How Nigerian Mentality In Education Is Slowly Killing Our Youths

The Nigerian mentality is actually a very dangerous thing. It is exhibited by most of Nigerian parents and that's what makes them "typical Nigerian parents".
However, some youths have also been exhibiting this trait and it's more of a setback for the nation than it is a way forward.

I got inspired to write this post through the wema bank seminar I attended for the student of the faculty of science, Unilag (which I happened to be among). The CEO of wema bank spoke to us and gave some of the key points most Nigerian parents don't actually give to their children.

Before we dive further, let me take you through a very brief history of how he got to where he is today (MD/CEO, WEMA BANK).

He graduated from secondary school as a division 1 student (distinction). He grew up with his uncle in Lagos who happened to sponsor his education. He was aspiring to study pharmacy in The University of Lagos. He tried first time and didn't get admission, second time same thing happened.

Third time, he was not admitted for pharmacy but he had the option to study biochemistry. Due to some reasons, he couldn't study it and his only option was chemistry science.

He took up the admission but wasn't happy in his first year because that wasn't his choice (because of the mentality around science courses). In Nigeria, people believe that engineering courses and medical courses are the best for any science student.

As such, most parents force their children into these fields, not caring about the potential the child carries. Well, he later graduated as a second class upper student (2.1).

He went further to do chemical engineering in as a postgraduate course in same UNILAG and wanted to work alongside his brother but was advised to go into accounting. He took ICAN an passed on first attempt.
He applied as the general assistant manager of a company but was given the post of an analyst. Gradually, with his hardwork, he rose to the general assistant manager and later moved to Skye bank where he held a very important role.

From Skye bank, he became the CEO of wema bank and gave them their place among the Africa's best banks. Wema bank is the first ever fully digital bank in Africa and this was achieved under his leadership.

Do you know the beautiful thing? Someone asked him a question saying: "What do you regret not doing in the university". His reply was a little bit shocking. He replied: "Not starting my own business".

For someone of his profile and achievement, you shouldn't be bothered about why you didn't make money in University, but he was.

Businesses don't generally mean selling products, services are also businesses. If you have have a talent or potential, try to develop that. All the richest men in the world are as a product of initiative and talent.
So many people have fallen due to studying the wrong courses. If all Nigerians are doctors, lawyers, accountants and engineers, who will be the surveyors, artists, forensics, entertainers, bloggers, geeks, footballer and most especially - teachers.

Parents should learn to identify the potential of a child before advising them to study a course. They push youths to study courses they are not interested in and end up becoming job seekers. Yet, we blame the government for not providing enough jobs.
Why can't we blame the parents for not providing enough minds.

Let the youths also learn to voice out their thoughts and be independent.
" It is better to live a happy life doing what you love than to be filthy rich doing what you hate." - Naijafalcon

Talents should not be wasted. Instead, they should be trained. If Nigerians want to compete among the top countries, it has to start from the youths. Doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountants will work with governments and institutions...they earn salary and are at risk of getting sacked anytime.

But self made men own their businesses, they dictate how their lives will be run. They have the potential to compete among the big names because they earn with what they enjoy doing most. If a child doesn't want to be a doctor, he shouldn't be forced to do so. Let's learn to train them and give them the right knowledge but education is equally important.

The only difference between a mechanic and a mechanical engineer is a laminated paper. This is the usefulness of education. It helps you to stand firm and defend yourself, it doesn't dictate how you love your life, how much you earn or how happy you will be.
Let's learn right. #NFNaijaYouthDevelopment

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