NOUN Internal Memo – July , 27 2018: Compilation Of Students’ Projects In Preparation For External Defence

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NOUN Internal Memo – July , 27 2018: Compilation Of Students’ Projects In Preparation For External Defence

Postby Jed » Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:14 am

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Please, concerned students should go to their study centres for clarification. Thank you
We write to inform you that the University Management has approved External Project Defense by students in all Study Centres.

The projects/theses/dissertation defence (as the case may be) shall be for undergraduate, academic Masters and Ph.D programmes respectively. However, only the postgraduate students would be used as pilot scheme to test the workability of the process. What this in effect means is that postgraduate students undergoing Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master of Public Administration (MPA) and Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) are exempted from the project defence.

With this approval, all Study Centres are to stop sending postgraduate students’ projects to the Departments but instead retain them, as project defense would now be held at the Study Centres.
Consequently, we hereby request that you compile lists of submitted project works in soft and hard copies and forward these to the Office of the Coordinator, Examination and Project Moderation to assist in planning for necessary logistics. This submission will also facilitate liaison with the Departments/Faculties towards the defence exercise.

You are also to note that the Project Supervisors are expected to be physically present for their students’ defence. They should therefore be invited once a date is fixed for the defence.

Finally, the defence will commence immediately after the ongoing conference marking exercise.
Find attached a template for the compilation.

Thank you

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