2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: PUL446 - Law Of Evidence II

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2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: PUL446 - Law Of Evidence II

Postby Jed » Fri Jul 31, 2020 12:32 pm

2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: PUL446 - Law Of Evidence II


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A dumb person is a competent person in a judicial proceedngs-
Answer: true

Corroboration may take any of the following forms:
Answer: all of the above

In Nigeria, the Judges rule are mainly in number;
Answer: 9

Competency and compellability are distinct but related-
Answer: true

In an unfair dismissal proceedings the
burden of proof is on the to show
that he is entitled to restatement once his dismissal is wrongful
Answer: employee

John and Peter are arrested by the police for armed robbery. The confession of John is read to Peter; Peter keeps silent and is tried and convicted. On appeal, Peter’s conviction was set aside. This reason for this would be;
Answer: a & c above

. A magistrate or a police officer cannot be compelled to disclose source of information because of ;
Answer: public policy

Under which of the following circumstances may a witness, though competent and compellable, not be obliged to give evidence?
Answer: when the witness is privileged witness

Which of these is a competent witness for the prosecution?
Answer: the complainant

Which of these is true of Judges’ rule
Answer: options a and b

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Re: 2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: PUL446 - Law Of Evidence II

Postby Jed » Fri Jul 31, 2020 12:32 pm


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Bernard is charged to court for for the offence of burglary. Bernard refused to take his plea nor give evidence. The court will only convict where;
Answer: the prosecution proves bemard’s guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

Nevertheless, leading questions are permissible in certain circumstances such as
Answer: all of the above.

In civil cases detemines the party
on whom the initial burden of proof rests.
Answer: the state of pleadings

In Elemo & Ors V Omolade & Ors, the
Supreme Court opined that the burden of
proof has two common meanings. These are
Answer: establishing a case either by
preponderance of evidence or proof beyond
reasonable doubt

There are rules guiding the examination of witnesses. One of such rule is that Counsel must not ask leading questions which means that-
Answer: they are questions which suggests their own answers

A confession is ALL BUT ONE of the following
Answer: though voluntary, deemed to be relevant as against co-accused persons who do not adopt the said statement either by word or conduct.

In corroboration, the test is:
Answer: whether there is an independent testimony which affects the accused by connecting him with the crime.

Documentary evidence is NOT hearsay if;
Answer: it is tendered only as proof that the document was made at all.

The first time a witness is examines by the party that called him is reffered to as
Answer: examination in chief

Standard of proof in criminal cases is said to be:
Answer: proof beyond reasonable doubt

Standard of proof in civil cases is said to be: Answer: preponderance of evidence

Standard of proof:
Answer: enhances the proof of cases in court

The following witnesses do not need to swear or affirm:
Answer: all of the above

Where an accused person pleads an alibi, the burden of proof —
Answer: shifts to the accused person to prove his alibi

. Judges rule can best be described as-
Answer: administrative directives that are aimed a ascertaining the voluntariness of a confession during a criminal proceeding.

A confession is involuntary where;
Answer: it was obtained by oppressive

As a general rule, the courts give priority to the ordinary meaning of the words contained in a document. Extrinsic evidence, may therefore only be admitted where;
Answer: a & b

competency in judicial proceedings means
Answer: the witness can legally give evidence in a judicial proceeding

In order to rely on secondary evidence of the content of a document, you must lay which following foundations.
Answer: both a & b

Titus is charged with receiving stolen property knowing it to be stolen. In other to convict him the prosecution must prove all but one of these ingredients
Answer: that he is reputed to be of bad character

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