2017_2 TMA Solutions: POL111 - Elements of Political Science

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2017_2 TMA Solutions: POL111 - Elements of Political Science

Postby Jed » Tue Dec 19, 2017 6:38 pm

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1 The state exist for all of the following except

Democ ratisation

2 The recognition of the right to rule irrespective of the sanctions the ruler may possess is known as

Author ity

3 The modern global system came into existence in


4 Fundamental Laws protects

The state

5 A leader that possesses distinct attributes, extraordinary gifts or magical powersto exercise command is known to have 􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦.. authority


6 The statement that "the state is nothing but the instrument, which the ruling class uses to control and dominate the working class"was credited to

Karl Marx

7 __is the machinery for implementing government policy


8 The President of the Senate in the Nigerian 7th Assembly is

Senator David Mark

9 Nigeria, as a political entity, is a

Nation -state

10 The Nigerian State was created in


11 One of the following political parties did not participate in the 1959 federal elections


12 The nationality of the current United Nations Secretary- General is

South K orean

13 "Power" as a concept, is synonymous with__


14 Under a Federal Constitution

There is division of powers
Authority is dispersed
The component units h ave powers of administration
***All of the options

15 The National Chairman of the All Nigeria Peoples' Party (ANPP) is

Dr. Ogbonnaya On u

16 All but one of the following represents the three major forms of power


17 The belief in the legitimacy of an authority that has always existed is known as


18 __are responsible for day to day duties of public

The civil se rvants

19 In his book "Leviathan", __approached concept of sovereignty from a different angle

Thomas Hobbes

20 One of the attributes of Divine Right of King is


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Re: 2017_2 TMA Solutions: POL111 - Elements of Political Science

Postby Jed » Tue Dec 19, 2017 6:46 pm

1 Only one of the following Nigerians was not a former Chief Justice of the Federation

Udo Udoma

2 The Nigeria's 1999 Constitution (as amended) recognises􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦.. Local
Government Areas


3 Lt. Col. Yakubu Gowon became the Nigeria's military Head of State on


4 The " General Will " theory of the state was popularised by

Jean Jaque R ousseau

5 One of the following is not a basic democratic value


6 David Easton defnes Politics as being concerned with the

Allocation of values

7 The Vice President of Nigeria in the Second Republic was

Dr. Alex Ekwue me

8 The fundamental difference between the Nigerian State and the State of Osun is that the latter


9 The first elected government of Nigeria was headed by

Sir Abubakar Tafawa Bal ewa

10 One of the following is not an attribute of the State

Techno logy

11 The concept 'World Order' simply means

A world systematicaly arranged for internatio nal peace and security

12 Democarcy upholds

Majority rule an d Minority right

13 The British Constitution is


14 Constitutionalism protects

Individual righ ts

15 A Constitutional Government is based on

A written document legally enforced
Government of the people by the peo ple and for the people
Recognised and generally acceptable limits on the power of the rulers
***All of the options

16 The locus of the Public Administration is the__


17 The Book, "The Prince" was written by

Mach iavelli

18 The State is essentially different from Government because

The State is permanent but government is ephemeral

19 A family of Nations may include

The Africans
The America ns
The Asians and Europeans
***All the options

20 Definition of the term 'international relations' includes the following

Relations between States
Relations between and am ong states, international organisation and International legal persons
A relations of power and prestige among internaional actors
***All of the options
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Re: 2017_2 TMA Solutions: POL111 - Elements of Political Science

Postby Jed » Tue Dec 19, 2017 6:49 pm

1 The 2014 Nigerian National Conference is aimed at_

Amending the 1999 Constitution
Restructuring the polity
Addressing some fault l ines
***All the options

2 The Nigerian President is so powerful to the limit of__

The Constitutio n

3 Separation of powers as a core elements of presidential democracy is violated in__system

Nig eria

4 Legitimacy of any government is a function of

Legal and Political soverei gnty

5 __is a violation of the sovereignty of State

International laws

6 To be eligible as a candidate for elective position in Nigeria, one must be__

A party member
A Nigeria n
***All the opti ons

7 One of the followings is not a fault line in Nigeria


8 A political community is greater than the Constitution because

The latter could be chang ed by the former

9 The Nigerian military is a good example of__organisation


10 The Nigerian nation cut her teeth in Federalism with the introduction of ___Constitution

1951 Macpherson's

11 The U.S. is a good example of__democracy


12 The Nigerian Legislature is_


13 __is charged with the responsibility of defending the territorial integrity of the Nigerian federation against aggression

The Army

14 Some world leaders are arraigned and prosecuted by the ICC for ___

War crimes

15 We owe much of our knowledge of bureaucracy to

Max Weber

16 The state is unique because it

Represents the general will

17 The Social Contract Theory of the state is a pact between the state and the


18 Impeachment is

To check possible excesses of the P resident

19 In a liberal democratic state there is the absence of

Rule outside the cons titution

20 Administration is the organization and direction of persons in order to accomplish specified

Objecti ves
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Re: 2017_2 TMA Solutions: POL111 - Elements of Political Science

Postby Jed » Tue Dec 19, 2017 6:51 pm

1 A Constitution is

A creation of the S tate

2 Confederalism establishes

State sovereignty

3 The Richard's constitution was enacted in


4 The civil service is an instrument for 􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦..

Policy implem entation

5 Which of these is not correct

Influence must be backe d by coercion

6 A Constitution may be

Written and rigid

7 Which of the followings protect the right of the individual in a State?

The Police and the Courts

8 Public Administration is concerned primarily with the carrying out of

Executive function

9 In a Confederation, more powers reside in the

Component Units

10 Politics is all but one of the following

The compromising of the will of the majority

11 􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦.. refers to the capacity to affect another person's behaviour by some form of sanction


12 Local Government is an institution which provides

Political participat ion

13 A democratic government is one in which all citizens have

Equal voting right

14 The Authority of the State is exercised jointly by

The Executives, Legislature and Judiciary

15 State, International organisations and International legal persons constitute

The World Community

16 Political Science can be divided into all but one of the following subfields

Political Sociology

17 The frist attempt at creating an international body resulted in the

League of Nations

18 The followings but one, are features of a Constitution

National budget

19 The Nigerian presidential democracy was borrowed from

The US

20 Constitutionalism is government based on

Autho rity

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