2017_2 TMA Solutions: EDU412 - Principles Of Educational Management

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2017_2 TMA Solutions: EDU412 - Principles Of Educational Management

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1 The quality of instruction given to the students by the teacher depends on the type of ______ and learning environemnt


2 There is need to ensure cordial relationship between school and the community because _______
None of the two can exist in Isolation

3 A social unit formally established by members of the society to transmit the societal culture to the younger generation is ______


4 Negative leaders believe the only way to get things done is through ______


5 Which of these can a positive leader use as a reward


6 which of the leadership style care less about the well being of the employees


7 The school management can give priority to the welfare of the students by providing ______

Health centres
sports facilities
Food items
***All of the a bove

8 Indiscipline is an act that can better be prevented than


9 A problematic child is the one who cannot ______

adjust to the socially acceptable norms

10 The budget system that requires school head to spell out the goals & objective of school in
measurable terms, lay out alternatives to achieve the goals is ______


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11 One of the challenges of school Budget in Nigeria is ______

Political Instability
Lack of accurate da ta
***All of the above

12 which of these is not under the ministry of education

***All of t he above

13 The federal ministry of education is headed by a _____


14 SPEB has ______ offices in the country


15 Which of these commissions set minimum bench mark for Nigerian polytechnics


16 National Commission for colleges of education was established in year ______


17 The major financial functions in education are

***All of th e above

18 In drawing school time table _______ must be considered

Break period
number of tea ching staff
available space
***All of the above

19 ______ helps to eliminate possible clashes in the teaching schedules thereby preventing unhealthy rivalry among teachers

Time table

20 A Schedule of classroom teaching by subjects per period, per day is known as _______

Time table

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Re: 2017_2 TMA Solutions: EDU412 - Principles Of Educational Management

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1 The term school plant embraces all ______ and ______ structures in the school premises

Physical and Infrastructu ral

2 School administration can be defined as the scientific organisation of human and ______


3 Administration is a process and it is sometimes used synonymously with _______

Managem ent

4 In Nigeria, education at different levels has its objective stated in _______

National Policy on edu cation

5 According to Peter Drucker (1999) management is an organ that converts a mob into an______

Organi sation

6 The view that administration is a science and not art emanated from the conception of administration as a _______

Technolog y

7 As Vice-chancellors is to the University ________ is to the polytechnic


8 supervision of instructional activities in the school system is one of the functions of ________

school adminis trator

9 A means of getting people to do what you want them to do is ________


10 The type of leadership works "by the book" ensuring that their staff follow procedures exactly the way it is writen down is ________


11 The essence of management is to


12 The supervision technique which involves the presentation of pre-arranged series of event in form of teaching by a "master-teacher" to a group of teacher is ________


13 One of the indiscipline that is common to secondary school student is ________

drug abuse
***all of th e above

14 ________ is refer to as behaviour which are capable of impeding the achievement of the goals set for institutions


15 The word "discipline" is derived from the latin word "discipulus" which means ________

to learn

16 Which of the following is one of the challenges of school budget in Nigeria

political instability
lack of a ccurate data
***all of the above

17 All the following are budgetry method execpt

Performace planning

18 Budget method that does not take congnisance of the previous years budget is ________

zero-based budge ting

19 The financial blueprint for the operation of the school for the fiscal year is ________

school budget

20 School time-table can be classify into ________ types


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Re: 2017_2 TMA Solutions: EDU412 - Principles Of Educational Management

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1 Which of these is one of the qualitIes of a good supervisor

flexibili ty
***all of the a bove

2 Audio-Visual Technique involves the use of these exept

blue print

3 When a teacher is teaching a group less than the normal classroom population with time that is
equally less than 40 minits is _______

Micro-teac hing

4 Which of these is not a good technique for supervision ___

Classroom visi tation
***non of the abov e

5 _______ ensures that the right instruction is passed to the students with the right method by the right people at the right time

Supervisio n of instruction

6 Which of these is the role of school head in school-community relationship

Establishment of PTA
Accesible to communi ty members
non of the above
***a & b only

7 Which of the following factors influencies school-community relationship

Location of the school
Leadership style s
***all of the above

8 Community in appreciation of the roles of school provides _______

Facilit ies
***all of the above

9 The following are the roles of the school to the host community execpt

Eradication of culture

10 A leader that believes there is no sigh leadership style that suit all situation can be regarded as leader


11 The style of leadership that invites one or more members of the team with himself to make decision for organisation is known as _______


12 Organisation may be classified into _______ types


13 The following are some principles that are common to all organisations execpt


14 In Nigeria, there are _______ main categories of education administrators


15 Which of these is not a quality of a school administrator

quick decision making
resourc eful
***non of the a bove

16 _______ is a leadership style in which a leader exerts high levels of power over his/her employees


17 The phrase laissez-faire means _______

non-interference in the affairs of others

18 Management is a process of coordinating _______ and _______ in order to achieve and organisation's objectives

human and Materials

19 The goal of management is to get the best return on resources by getting things done_______

efficiently and economicall y

20 Management is often described as a ubiquitous concept because of _______

Present i n every aspect of human endvours

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Re: 2017_2 TMA Solutions: EDU412 - Principles Of Educational Management

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1 ______ is a book that shows the particulars of the registration of pupils enrolled in a particular school

admission Register

2 The only convincing evidence that the teachers has given adequate though and considered what he/she is teaching is ______

lesson note

3 A document containing the comprehensive information about an institutions and equipment is called

Log boo k

4 All the following are statutory school records exept

school pros petus

5 Which of the following is non-statutory school records

daily roster

6 Documents stipulated by the education law of the state are known as

statutory schoo l records

7 which of these is not necessary on the school site

Instructional spaces
circulation spaces
***All of the ab ove

8 Provision of school plant involve the following stages execpt

administrative report

9 The National Board for Technical Education was first established in ______


10 Issuing of operating license to Nigerian Universities is one of the function of ______

National Universities Commis sion

11 National University Commission(NUC) was established in ______


12 The state primary education Board (SPEB) was established for each state by Decree ______

96 of 1993

13 The federal unity schools are under the control of ______

Federal ministry of Ed ucation

14 Which of these is not under supervision of the ministry of education


15 What is the full meaning of NBTE

National Board for Technical Educati on

16 The Northern protectorate was established in ______


17 The amalgamation of the Southern and Northern Protectorate came up in ______


18 Which of these can be considered as the first education ordinance to be enacted for Nigeria

1887 ordinance

19 The first educational ordinance was enacted in ______


20 The type of inspection that is carried out on specific problem identified by disciplinary or specific education committee is ______


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