2017_2 TMA Solutins: CIT831 - Software Engineering Methodologies

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2017_2 TMA Solutins: CIT831 - Software Engineering Methodologies

Postby Adebisi » Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:29 am

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Email: Solutions2tma@gmail.com
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1 A description of system characteristics that reflects the domain is regarded as

domain requireme nts

2 The official requirement paper handed over to the system developers is regarded as

requirements document

3 Requirements that are centered on organizational policies and procedures are known as

external requirement

4 Requirements which specify that the delivered product must behave in a particular way are regarded

product requirement

5 Functional requirements depends on all except

drivers of the system

6 Statements that describe how the system should react to specific inputs are regarded as

functional require ments

7 A description of the services to be provided by a system and its constrains is known as

Requirements engine ering

8 When CASE tools are classified according to their activities that are supported, they are regarded as

process perspective

9 Classification of CASE tools according to functions is regarded as

functional perspective

10 The identification of the services as well as the limitations of the system is known as

software speci fication

11 The process of translating system specification to execution is known as

system design

12 The following are the requirements for an engineering process except?

requirement reliability

13 Evolutionary development can be applied in

miniature systems

14 The following are the shortfalls of the waterfall model except

undefined requirements

15 􀳦?􀳦. deals with the representation of the sequence of activities in software development

Workflow perspective

16 The process of confirming that the software developed meets users need is regarded as


17 􀳦?􀳦.is concerned with the different practical aspects of delivering good software

software engine ering

18 Which feature of software development ensures that software developed in Jos works well in sahara desert


19 􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦.guarantees that sofware developed in Boki LGA in Nigeria can be used in India


20 The feature of software development that guarantees that the softare being developed meets evolving needs of the users is known as -----

maintainabi lity

Email: Solutions2tma@gmail.com
whatsapp: 08155572788

Email: Solutions2tma@gmail.com
whatsapp: 08155572788

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Re: 2017_2 TMA Solutins: CIT831 - Software Engineering Methodologies

Postby Adebisi » Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:45 am

1 The formulation and testing of hypothetical statements with a view to identifying bugs in the system is regarded as


2 􀳦?􀳦..ensures that the purpose of the system is satisfied

dynamic te sting

3 􀳦?􀳦..testing ensures that the system is built to specification

static testing

4 At the system design stage, what determines the selection of the final solutions out of other alternative solutions

experience of the de signer

5 In OOD, objects are capable of 􀳦?􀳦..

being self-sufficient

6 In object oriented design, how do object communicates

interchaging method s

7 The top down approach in system design is largely applied to 􀳦?􀳦..

small institutions

8 The following principle does not support the top down system design approach


9 At what stage of system design are components formed

components design

10 Understanding of sub-systems take place at which stage of system development

architectural design

11 The stages in system design include all except

describe solution abstraction

12 In OOM, associations between relational objects is represented by


13 Why are models used in system development?

They show the contextual det ails of the system

14 the system development approach which is built to study the relationship between variables of the system is regarded as 􀳦?􀳦

model approach

15 If an error is detected during testing, at what stage would corrections be effected

formal s pecification

16 􀳦?􀳦..can be used to verify that the implementation corresponds with the system specification

formal specific ation

17 Animation of software specifications using software tools is regarded as

software protoype

18 A technique which ensures that software specifications are clearly stated is regarded as

formal specifications

19 In speciffying the requirements of a system to be developed, one of the challenges that can be
introduced by the language used is 􀳦?􀳦..

uneasy comprehension

20 􀳦?􀳦.. Language is used in documenting system requirements


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