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2017_2 TMA Solutions: GST203 - Introduction to Philosophy and Logic

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:43 am
by Adebisi
1 __ is regarded as a group of propositions whose function is to make a claim about something

argu ment

2 Logos, the Greek word from which Logic derived does not mean ___


3 The Greek word for wisdom is ___


4 Philosophy is the only discipline that is ___ in nature

uni versal

5 Aristotle holds that understanding philosophy entails mastering ___

other sciences

6 The natural sciences broke away from philosophy in ___

18th century

7 ___ writings were regarded as Encyclopedia of philosophy by the medieval men


8 Anaximenes was the first to explain ___

cause of rainbow

9 Thales predicted ___ in 585 B.C


10 Which of these was not among the pre-colonial regional capitals


11 In dividing Nigeria into Eastern and Western regions __ was used as the boundary

River Niger

12 ___ regrded fire as the primary substance of all reality


13 Thales identified ___ as the primary substance of the universe

wate r

14 ___ is not among the sources of philosophy

idleness and poverty

15 The first standard comment about the nature and definition of philosophy was made by ___


16 ___ had his philosophical training in Africa

Pytha goras

17 Western Philosophy originated in___


18 "Honesty is my best policy" is an expression of ____

One's philosophy of l ife

19 The hotel manager with a degree in food and nutrition is heard refering to herself as a philosopher. Her doing so is regarded as ___

layman use of the t erm

20 Every philosopher define philosophy in his or her own way because philosophy is ___

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Re: 2017_2 TMA Solutions: GST203 - Introduction to Philosophy and Logic

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:44 am
by Adebisi
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21 Deny the following statement: "I am a thief"__

No, I am not a thief

22 ___ and ___ qualify a statement as logical

deniability ad assertabi lity

23 In logic, another name for statement is ___

propo sition

24 __ is not among the three divisions of formal logic

logic of assum ptions

25 ___ is the logical process exhibited in this statement: All lecturers are homosexuals


26 In logic, when the mind forms the concept of anything we say that ___ has taken place

simple app rehension

27 Man's ability to think is regarded as ___


28 ___ is not a source of knowledge


29 ___ is not a branch of ethics

causative ethics

30 Another name for ethics is called ____

moral philosophy

31 _____ is the concern of ethics

what ough t to be

32 The saying that unexamined life is not worth living is attributable to ___


33 ___ branch of philosophy is regrded as theory of knowledge

epistemolog y

34 Aristotle named his book that deals with nature ___


35 ___ is regrded as the study of first principles

metaphy sics

36 An argument that rests on probability is called ___

inductive argument

37 Draw the conclusion of this argument: All lecturers will go to heaven; Dr Uthman is a lecturer; therefore__

Dr Uthman will go to heave n

38 Deductive argument move from __ to ___

general to p articular

39 Arguments are either deductive or ___


40 In standard argument conclusion is infered from__

premis es
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Re: 2017_2 TMA Solutions: GST203 - Introduction to Philosophy and Logic

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:49 am
by Adebisi
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41 The fallacy that misrepresents a fact, and then goes ahead to attack that misrepresentation is called ___ fallacy

straw man

42 "If you see any lecturer supporting the current administration, that person has been paid heavily." This is an example of ___ fallacy

ad hominem

43 In informal fallacies___ does not render an argument fallacious

at least one premise is false

44 Errors in reasoning are called ___


45 ___ is not among Haliday's function of language


46 If you have ever heard of the book; "How to do things with words", kindly identify ___ as the author

J. L. Aus tin

47 The abbreviation, L. A. D. means ____

Language Acquisition Devic e

48 "It shall be well with you," the pastor thundered to the congregation. ___ function of language is at play here

declarative functi on

49 Jamiu raised the veil that covered the face of his new bride, "I will be with you till the end of my life."

___ is the function of language expressed here

commissive function

50 "I am writing my TMA 3 of GST203." ___ function of language is expressed here

informative function

51 ____ is a function of language

expressive function

52 The type of argument that proceeds from particular to the general is called __

inductive argument

53 ___ is the middle term of the following syllogism: All Kanuris live in the North East. Galadima is a Kanuri. Therefore, Galadima lives in the North East


54 All Nigerians are rich; Dr Eric Omazu is a Nigerian; Therefore, Dr Eric Omazu is rich

Dr Eric Omazu is a N igerian

55 All students cheat in exams; I am a student; Therefore, I cheat in exams __is the major premise of this statement

All stu dents cheat in exams

56 "The NOUN vice-chancellor is good" The predicate term of the proposition is ___


57 An argument that contains three propositions is called___


58 __ is not a conclusion indicator


59 Evidence for holding a conclusion is called ___


60 __ is not a logical sentence

Shut up
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Re: 2017_2 TMA Solutions: GST203 - Introduction to Philosophy and Logic

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:51 am
by Adebisi
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61 Categorical syllogism asserts or deny ___ between classes


62 "I am having my girlfriend for dinner," is a fallacy of ambiguity because

it conveys more than one meaning

63 Every categorical syllogism contains ___

three term s

64 ___ is the branch of ethics concerned with logic of ethical arguments

meta ethics

65 The Greek word for knowledge is __


66 "A is A" expresses __ law of thought


67 Teachers are good. Adamu is a teacher. Therefore, Adamu is good. ___ is the major term of this categorical syllogism

Adam u

68 The letter "P" in categorical syllogism represents ___

Major term

69 The terms of a categorical syllogism does not include ___

inclusive ter m

70 ___ is not a characteristics of a syllogism

Has independent conclusion

71 "All students are good" is an example of __

univeral positive proposition

72 ___ and __ are two types of affirmo

univeral and particular

73 ___ type of definition has truth value

Lexical definition

74 ___ is not a type of definition

Heuristic definition

75 My car is heavy. Therefore, the side mirrors to my car are heavy. This is an example of ___ fallacy

fallacy of division

76 The art of attributing qualities of part of a whole to the whole is refered to as ____

fallacy of composi tion

77 "Let's eat grandma," is an example of ___fallacy

fallacy of amphiboly

78 ___ is not an example of fallacy of ambiguity

fallacy of pity

79 "We are going to deal with anyone who fails to vote Mr Ajayi in the upcoming election." This is an example of ___fallacy

ad bacculum

80 "Pastor, you are advising me against armed robbery, were you not the one caught with Ogbuefi's wife?" This is an example of ____

tu quoque ad homine m
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