FMS731: Research Methodology

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FMS731: Research Methodology

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1) The major characteristics of research includes the following except?
a. Objectivity
b. Precision
c. Design
d. Non-verifiable***

6) Which of the following is not a Purpose of Research?
e. Training
f. Problem Building***
g. Search for Truth
h. Problem Solving

7) If we classify Research based on Goal or Objective, we have
• Quantitative and Qualitative
• Basic and Applied***
• Fundamental and Quantitative
• Qualitative and Applied

8) List the sources of knowledge for research purposes
• Custom and tradition
• Authority***
• Personal experience
• All of the above

9) How can Verifiability be achieved in Research
• Replicating the study on a different sample
• Analyzing the same data on the same sample through alternative analytical tools or statistical methods
• Both A and B***
• None of A and B

10) How can Precision be achieved in Research?
• Through mathematical equation
• Through statistical finding
• Through words rather than numbers
• All of the above***

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