PHY191 TMA 1: Questions And Answers

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PHY191 TMA 1: Questions And Answers

Postby Hoodex » Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:13 pm

Q1. Which of the following measured values are more precise
$$20.56^ {o}C $$
$$32.22 ^{o}C$$
A &B

Q2. What determine the values of an experimental data/result
"quality of measuring instruments."
the experimental graphs
the samples for the experiment
the table of values

Q3. Which of the following is the best equation of a linear graph
y=mx+b $$
$$ y=mx-b$$
$$ y=m(x+b)$$

Q4. From relative error, which of the following is more accurate
40.0 cm
8.0 cm
A and B
all of the above

Q5. When carrying out scientific experiment the values are recorded as _________
approximate values
experimental result
exact results
inexact result

Q6. How do we determine the relationship between two variables
non of the above

Q7. The following are types of graphs except
linear graph passing the origin
reducing non-linear equation to non equation
non linear graph passing the origin
none of the above

Q8. The following are examples of a non-linear graphs except
Newton's cooling curves
all of the above

Q9. What kind of error occure due to faulty measuring instrument.
error due to parallax
zero error
error due to human judgement
all of the above

Q10. The equation that relate anwser to question one above is _________
y=mx+b $$
non of the above

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