NOUN TMA Solutions: ARA383- {Tanslation} Eng/Arabic

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NOUN TMA Solutions: ARA383- {Tanslation} Eng/Arabic

Postby Richtubor » Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:25 am

NOUN TMA Solutions: ARA383- {Tanslation} Eng/Arabic

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Q1 "The hidden forest" could be transted into Arabic as _____________

?ة 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?خف 􀳦 ?غابة ا 􀳦 ا

Q2 could be translated as ___________ 􀳦? ?ا 􀳦 ?زِ 􀳦 ?􀳦 ? 􀳦 ?شا 􀳦 ? بشُ 􀳦ا􀳦 ?

he was cheerful, exubera nt

Q3 means __________ ?عا 􀳦 ?ط 􀳦 ?ات ا 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?ض 􀳦 ف􀳦 ?

food reminants

Q4 may be translated as __________ ?دا 􀳦 ? أ 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?ا ع 􀳦 ?صرف 􀳦ا􀳦 ?􀳦 ?􀳦 ?

they turned back on their fee t

Q5 means _____________ ?أُسرة 􀳦 ? ا 􀳦 ?􀳦 ? ع 􀳦 ?عار 􀳦 ? 􀳦 ?حة 􀳦 ? فض 􀳦 ?ت 􀳦أ

you are a shame to the f amily

Q 6 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?ةِ? 􀳦 ?اتِ 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?اء ا 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?س 􀳦 ? ا 􀳦 ? ف 􀳦 ?بر 􀳦 ع ا ____________ could be translated as

there was lightening in the dark sky

Q7 translates as ____________ ?ب 􀳦 ? ح 􀳦 ?رأة 􀳦ا􀳦 ?􀳦 ?

a pregnant wom an

Q ? اعتبر ا 8 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?ت 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?􀳦 ?عرفِ ا 􀳦 ? ت 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?ت 􀳦 إذا أ 􀳦?􀳦?􀳦?􀳦?􀳦?􀳦?___________ translates as

if you don't know death, consider/ponder o ver sleep

Q ?رافةِ 9 􀳦 ?ع 􀳦 ?ا 􀳦 ?ة 􀳦 ?ذ 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?􀳦 ?ع 􀳦 ?ش 􀳦ا ____________ could be translated as

witchcraft and necro mancy

Q ?س 10 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?فُ 􀳦 ? با 􀳦 ?ئة 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?􀳦 ? 􀳦 ?بة 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?􀳦 ح ___________ translates as

a bag full of mone y

Q ?بحر 11 􀳦 ?راء ا 􀳦 ?ا 􀳦 ? 􀳦 ?􀳦 ? إ 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?ر 􀳦 سف _____________ may be translated as

he was flown overseas

Q12 could be translated as __________ 􀳦?ُ ?صُ 􀳦 ?ر 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?􀳦 ? 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?􀳦 ?􀳦 غ

he is singing and dancing

Q13 translates as ______ ?سة 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?د 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?􀳦 ?ة ا 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?حا 􀳦 ?ر 􀳦 ? ا 􀳦 ?سة 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?􀳦 ?􀳦ا􀳦 ?

the holy spiritual chu rch

Q14 translates as __________ ?ُ ذ 􀳦 ?ِ􀳦 ?ا 􀳦 سأُح 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?ِ􀳦 ?􀳦 ?

I will try that

Q15 translates as ___________ ?ت 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?􀳦 ?ذا ا 􀳦 ? 􀳦 ? ف 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?ح 􀳦 ? ا 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?ت ع 􀳦أ

you are on the truth this time

Q 16 􀳦 ?ا? 􀳦 ?ب جِد 􀳦 ? غر 􀳦 ?ء 􀳦 ذا ش 􀳦? ____________ means

this a strange thing

Q17 The difference between translation and interpretation is that one focuses on written texts and other on _________

spoken words

Q18 Modern Arabic Short Story is a discovery of the __________ century


Q19 The first Arab writer to win Nobel Prize for Literature was_____________

Najib Mahfuz

Q20 Sociological Novel is translatable as _____________

?ة 􀳦 ?اع 􀳦 ?اجت 􀳦 ?ة ا 􀳦 ?ا 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?ر 􀳦 ا

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Re: NOUN TMA Solutions: ARA383- {Tanslation} Eng/Arabic

Postby Richtubor » Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:27 am

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Q21 One of the following is not a kind of Arabic novel.

Scholarstic Novel

Q22 The first original novel in Arabic was written in ___________

1912 , 1914

Q23 The first genuine Arabic Novel was entitled ___________


Q24 The first original novel in Arabic was written by __________

Muhammad Hussein Haykal

Q25 This is not a laughing stock translates as _____________

􀳦 ?ُضح? 􀳦 ?رٍ 􀳦 ?س بأ 􀳦 ?􀳦 ذا 􀳦 ?

Q26 Season of harvest could be translated as _____________

􀳦 ?􀳦 ?حصاد? 􀳦 ? ا 􀳦 س

Q ?ص 27 􀳦 ?ر 􀳦 ?اء 􀳦 غِ translates as ____________

song and dance

Q ?د 28 􀳦 ?ب 􀳦 ? ا 􀳦 حدث ذُعر ف means ____________

there was consternatio n in town

Q29 One of successful fishermen could be translated as ____________________

?اجح 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?􀳦 ? ا 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?􀳦 ?ا 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?􀳦 ? س 􀳦 ? ا 􀳦 أحد 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?

Q30 􀳦??A Family Affair􀳦?􀳦 could be appropriately translated as ______________

? أُسر 􀳦 ?􀳦 شأ 􀳦 ?􀳦 ?

Q31 The first part of the story, "A Forest of Flowers" deals with the happenings in the backwater village of ______________


Q32 The story, 􀳦??A Forest of Flowers􀳦?􀳦 is a collection of __________ short stories


Q33 Author of the story 􀳦??A Forest of Flowers􀳦?􀳦 is ______

Ken Saro-wiwa

Q34 The controlling idea or the central insight in a fictional writing is called __________

The Central Idea

Q35 ___________ is the background against which the story is set.

The setting

Q36 __________ is how the author arranges events and actions to develop his central theme

The plot

Q37 The central character of a story, who often undergoes a change or some kind of development as a result of events is called a _________

a protag onist
an antagonist
Q38 __________ is the person in a work of fiction.


Q39 ____________ is a group of logically and sequentially arranged actions and events surrounding a general subject-matter

The narrative

Q40 One of the following is not a characteristic of short story.

the meter

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Re: NOUN TMA Solutions: ARA383- {Tanslation} Eng/Arabic

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Q41 The earliest written Arabic drama emerged in 1847 in Lebanon in the hands of _____________

Marun Naqqa sh

Q42 The two primary branches of drama are___________

comedy and tragedy

Q43 ___________ treats one particular idea or experience in a particular time and place setting

short story

Q44 __________is different from the short story in that its characters are more in number.

long story

Q45 Al-uqsusah could best be translated as _____________

short story

Q46 __________could be defined as a collection of imaginary happenings in the life of man


Q47 One of the following is not a quality required of a good translator. ____________

must be religiously inclined

Q48 A good _________ needs to have a strong interest in language and a feeling for it.


Q49 _________have been identified as some of the areas of linguistic problems in English 􀳦?? Arabic translation

Morphology and syntax

Q50 Which of the following is not a cultural problem in translation?


Q51 ____________constitues a major problem in translation.

Cultur e

Q52 __________can be used when something cannot be translated


Q53 Happy New Year could be translated as ______

?بار 􀳦 ?د 􀳦 ع􀳦 ?

Q54 __________often applies to translation of idioms, proverbs and figures of speech.


Q55 One of the following is not a kind of indirect translation.


Q56 Word-for-word translation is the same thing as_________

literal translation

Q57 Examples of borrowing from English into Arabic is _________

􀳦 ?􀳦 ?تر? 􀳦 ?􀳦 ب

Q58 Loaned words are often printed in italics to indicate that they are __________

foreig n

Q59 __________is a phrase borrowed from another language and translated literally word-for-word


Q60 Borrowing with regard to translation is the taking of words directly from one language into another without________


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Re: NOUN TMA Solutions: ARA383- {Tanslation} Eng/Arabic

Postby Richtubor » Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:30 am

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Q61 The type of translation that is often used in advertisement spots, in formulating slogans and for designing various digital contents is called _____________


Q62 When we need to submit documents to authorities, we often need___________

certified translation

Q63 When some parts of the source language text are left untranslated and they are simply rendered to and incorporated in the target text, it is called ___________

partial translation

Q64 Practising _____________ translation may pose a greater difficulty in translation process and output.


Q65 Most translation works are concerned with _____________

restricted translation

Q66 The replacement of source language textual material by equivalent target language textual material at only one level is referred to as ______________

restricted translation

Q67 When the entire text is subjected to the translation process and every part of the source text is replaced by target text material, it is called ____________

full translation

Q68 Which of the following is not a type of translation?

bureacratic translation

Q69 Translation can be divided into __________ translation

full and partial

Q70 The language academy for translation of European languages was founded in Egypt by___________

Rifa'at Tahtawi

Q71 The Arabs started learning foreign languages following stability of Islam in___________

conquered region s

Q72 Translation is an important source of diffusion of every kind of __________


Q73 To train translators and interpreters, it is very necessary to understand the relationship between language and ______


Q74 Through___________ peoples from different cultural backgrounds can be introduced to various languages and ways of thought


Q75 Understanding the intention of the original text author before translating it into a target language is very_____________


Q76 The rendition of the meaning of a text into another language in the way that the author intended the text is called____________


Q77 A process of substituting a text in one language for a text in another language is _____________


Q78 Translation is both a process and a __________


Q79 Translation rests on three aspects including the native and foreign cultures, the two languages, the writer and __________

the translator

Q80 Translation, according to Newmark, is an art as well a skill and a _____________


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