NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: BUS800- Quantitative Analysis

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NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: BUS800- Quantitative Analysis

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NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: BUS800- Quantitative Analysis

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Q1 Sum of all processes through which earth alterations take place under the collective term


Q2 Biological waethering involves

living th ings

Q3 Water in cracked rocks can freeze and ....... To breake the rock


Q4 it is ........ That glacier action can take part in weathering


Q5 The first horizone will naturally contain all except

parent rocks

Q6 The parent matherial is made tp of


Q7 In a soil profile, the last horizon is called

Parent math erial

Q8 Igneous or sedimentary rocks usually subjected to heat and pressure have been converted to new rocks called

matamorphic rock

Q9 a soil with a high propotion of sand will have

high rate of infiltration

Q10 can neutralise soil acidity


Q11 limus paper turns red when the soil is


Q12 A pH of 14 is very


Q13 A pH of 1 is very

Acidi c

Q14 A soil with pH of 7 is

Neutra l

Q15 A soilis alkaline when it contains

Hydroxy l ions

Q16 A soilis acidic when it contains

H ions

Q17 can form cast when wet


Q18 is not a function of soil

supply heat too th e crops

Q19 is a decomposed organic matter in the soil


Q20 What formation is favored by a high percentage of decomposable dark minerals and by less quartz

Cla y

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