NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: ENT202 - Introduction To Entreprenuership Ventures

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NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: ENT202 - Introduction To Entreprenuership Ventures

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NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: ENT202 - Introduction To Entreprenuership Ventures


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A is a set of activities, which
leads to the manufacturing of goods or provision of services to satisfy the consumers at a profit
Answer: business

 A/An â€!â€!â€|â€|â€! as someone who spends his energy, time efforts, financial resources, etc.
Answer: investor

Uncertainty may arise as a result of â€!â€!â€|â€!â€!â€!â€|â€!. Wrong decision unethical.
Answer: competition

The distinguishing characteristic of the social venture versus the business venture is
the of their objective to solve
social problems and provide social benefits
Answer: primacy

Why should an entrepreneur do a feasibility study for starting a new venture
Answer: to see if there are possible barriers to success

Every business concern must be able to carry out its market â€!â€|â€|â€! to control in terms of market coverage and patronage of its products and services
Answer: shares

A corporate manager who starts a new initiative for their company which entails setting up a new distinct business unit and board of directors can be regarded as?
Answer: intrapreneur

Opinions, information and complaints of â€|â€!â€!â€jâ€|. Can be use full source of information as to what the consumer wants.
Answer: consumers

In economics the central problem is
Answer: scarcity

Loan capitals otherwise called borrowed facility consist of loan from the â€!â€!â€|â€|â€! bank, government agencies set up to provide needed support to the entrepreneurs
Answer: commercial

Any entrepreneur is a risk taker; they take calculated â€|â€!â€!â€!â€|â€! whether formally or informally.
Answer: risk

A good â€!â€!â€|â€!â€|â€! or business plan must be systematic and integrates market, finance, production and resources.
Answer: feasibility

The entrepreneur does not bring about â€!â€!â€|â€!â€!â€|. rather, he searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as opportunity.
Answer: change

Entrepreneurial activities are substantially different depending on the type of organization and â€|â€!â€|â€!.. involved.
Answer: credibility

â€!â€|â€!â€!â€!â€!â€|.. research is undertaken by entrepreneur consciously and unconsciously.
Answer: marketing

Entrepreneur set their own goals rather than having them set by their â€!â€!â€!â€!â€!â€!â€!â€!â€|.
Answer: bosses

A performance and credit rating scheme has been launched by the MSME Ministry to assess creditworthiness and capabilities of industries in the sector. What is it called?
Answer: equal to zero credit scheme

may be structured in many
forms, including sole proprietors, for-profit and not for-profit firms, non-governmental organizations, youth groups, community organizations, and more
Answer: social ventures

Venture Capital is concerned with
Answer: new project having potential for high profit

Family Business always interest to handover the change of his business to
Answer: next generation

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