2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: ECO449 - Health Economics

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2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: ECO449 - Health Economics

Postby Jed » Fri Jun 26, 2020 12:46 pm

2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: ECO449 - Health Economics


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Element of cost in health care comprises of the following except
Answer: intangible cost

Garland defined three relations between charging for health services and the population to be among the following except â€|â€|â€|..
Answer: cost efficiency

one of the benefit derived from health care is
Answer: relief from pain

Primary health care centers are except
Answer: insurance scheme

In â€|â€|â€!.., the patient buys his own medical care in private market and send receipt bill to insurance company for reimbursement
Answer: reimbursement

High capital and recurrent costs of hospitals are financed by
Answer: government

The implementation of NHIS covers the following except â€|â€!â€|â€!â€!
Answer: deceased

A situation where people are allowed to contribute by themselves is â€|â€|..
Answer: voluntary insurance

Seconadry health care providers include one of the following â€!â€|â€|â€!..
Answer: pharmacies

Maternal mortality rate in â€|â€!â€!â€|â€! are higher than anywhere else in the world
Answer: africa

The degree to which the demand for a good or services decreases in response to a price is â€|â€|â€|..
Answer: elasticity of demand

To ensure all Nigerians have access to good health care services is among the objective of â€|â€|..
Answer: nhis

one of the reasons why health care far exceeds the effective demand for health is
Answer: affordability

Time consuming and expensive is among the â€|â€|â€|. of budgeting
Answer: disadvantage

Aids has cause more deaths and illness in â€|â€|. Countries
Answer: developing

The origin of health insurance can be traced to medieval â€|â€|
Answer: europe

â€|â€|â€| is the payment to a primary health care provider by the HMOs on behalf of a contributor for service rendered
Answer: capitation

In Nigeria, a private insurance company can only operate after registering with â€|â€!â€!â€|â€!..
Answer: cac

The two main problems of private health insurance are
Answer: adverse selection and efficiency

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