NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: PUL322 - Environmental Law

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NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: PUL322 - Environmental Law

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NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: PUL322 - Environmental Law


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The case that upheld the provisions of the African Charter as a binding law in Nigeria
Answer: abacha v gani fawehinmi

Anything or something that is no longer useful and is to be thrown away, or disposed of is
Answer: waste

One of the following is not an effect of pesticides on human health
Answer: chronic cough

The â€!â€|â€!â€!â€!â€!â€| is the fulfilment of the most fundamental human needs
Answer: a right to life

The main theme of protecting the environment as stated in Principle I of the Rio Declaration is
Answer: to ensure the health of the people

The Act that prohibits the discharge of hazardous waste in harmful quantities into Nigeria land, waters or adjoining shore is
Answer: section 23 nesrea act

The case that decided that a right to life is not a guarantee of the right to die is
Answer: pretty v. united kingdom

A major activity causing chemical contamination is
Answer: all of the above

The fine imposed for violating section 20 (1) & (2) FEPAAct is
Answer: a sum not exceeding n100,000 a day

The right to life is so sancrosanct that it is provided for in â€|â€|â€|.1999 Constitution
Answer: section 33(1)

The second most commonly used herbicide in the USA is
Answer: atrazine

â€!â€!â€|â€!â€!â€!â€|â€! occurs when rain or surface water flows over exposed rock and soil, combining with naturally occuring sulfur to form sulfuric acid
Answer: lil spillage

Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights provides for
Answer: a right to life

According the World Health Organization, daily waste generation in Lagos amounts o
Answer: 15,000 tonnes

â€!â€!â€|â€!â€!â€!â€|â€!. Is a decision of a tribunal to which some authority is attached
Answer: judicial precedent

The waste substance generated by industry which represents a hazard in the environment or to people living or workiing nearby is called
Answer: hazardous substance

A fallout of nutrient pollution is
Answer: fish disease

A major cause of air pollution in Nigeria is
Answer: gas flaring

One of the following is not a law for waste management in Nigeria
Answer: dangerous drugs act 1930

A distinguishing feature of persuasive precedents is that
Answer: the decisions are not binding but treated with respect

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