2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: PAD784 - Comparative Public Administration

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2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: PAD784 - Comparative Public Administration

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2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: PAD784 - Comparative Public Administration


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In a project cash flow statement, capital introduced into the firm is usually entered as
Answer: an inflow

The essence of financial institution demanding projected income statement of a firm is to determine the firm’s capability of
Answer: loan repayment

Goods which are not purchased for immediate consumption but rather are used in the production of consumer goods are known as
Answer: intermediate goods

Provides total frameworks for
calculating or estimating the total cost of a project.
Answer: project cost analysis

can be defined as a process
which attempts to determine as systematically and objectively as possible the relevance, effectiveness and impact of activities in the light of the objectives of a project.
Answer: evaluation

The two approaches that are available when
trying to forecast demand are and
Answer: qualitative and quantitative

There are many users of projected cash flow statement, however, the first user is the
Answer: project initiator

When any firm approaches a financial institution for financial assistance, such a firm is usually expected present to to the financial institution
Answer: projected income statement

The measurement and forecasting of demand for goods and service of a project otherwise known as
Answer: demand analysis

Financial analysis and economic analysis provide answers to the question of whether a project should be acceptable or not, in the course of that, both establish a relationship between and
Answer: costs and benefits

One of the following is not a force governing competition in an industry;
Answer: threat of export products

is required to record, compare
and evaluate a firm’s earning power and ability.
Answer: financial information

In projecting for revenues in a project situation, qualitative judgement plus quantitative judgement on the part of the project evaluator will give rise to
Answer: proper forecast

The tool for subjecting cash flows to risk analysis in other to forecast a worst-case scenario for a project is known as
Answer: sensitivity analysis

The valuable possessions owned by the firm, valued in monetary terms which include land, building, stock of goods, etc are known as
Answer: assets

In measuring the supply side of the market, the following except one is not taken into consideration.
Answer: the consumption of goods and

The difference between total sales and credit sales equal to sales
Answer: cash sales

The size of the market is usually estimated
by using both and
Answer: qualitative and quantitative

is defined as the outlay
incurred to acquire some asset.
Answer: cost

The following are different types of sales except ;
Answer: fixed sales

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