2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: ENT301 - Sociology Of Entrepreneurship

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2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: ENT301 - Sociology Of Entrepreneurship

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2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: ENT301 - Sociology Of Entrepreneurship


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In â€|â€|â€!â€!â€! Smith opined that classical theory extolled the virtues of free trade, specialization, and competition
Answer: 1977

When one of twin is schizophrenic, the chances that the other member of the pair is also schizophrenic are very high. The chances are however much higher for
identical twin than for the â€!â€!â€|â€|... twin
Answer: fraternal

â€!â€|â€!â€jâ€|. Is the act or process of identifying a product, service or idea that will constitute the venture. The opportunity may come in the form of a new product idea upon which an enterprise can be established from scratch.
Answer: venture opportunity identification

Which year did McClelland explained the need for achievement theory as human beings have a need to succeed, accomplish, excel or achieve?
Answer: 1961

Which year did Pervin cited that \
Answer: 1980

Personality traits need for achievement and locus of control are reviewed and empirical evidence presented for â€!â€|â€!â€|â€! other new characteristics that have been found to be associated with entrepreneurial inclination.
Answer: three

Which year did Jospeh A Schumpeter in â€|â€!â€!â€!â€|... bequeathed the role or function of “innovationâ€? to the entrepreneur in his book?
Answer: 1934

â€!â€|â€|â€jâ€! defines personality traits as “stable qualities that a person shows in most situationsâ€?. To the trait theorists, there are enduring inborn qualities or potentials of the individual that naturally make him an entrepreneur.
Answer: coon

A historical example of an early entrepreneur as a go-between is Macro Polo who established trade routes to the Far â€!â€|â€|â€j...
Answer: east

In 2007 the following authors: Mohar, Singh and â€!â€|â€!â€|... reffered risk taking and innovativeness, need for achievement, and tolerance for ambiguity had positive and significant influence on entrepreneurial inclination
Answer: kishore

Which year did McClelland explained that human beings have a need to succeed, accomplish, excel or achieve. Entrepreneurs are driven by this need to achieve and excel?
Answer: 1961

Enrolment into an entrepreneurship development programme (EDP) can help to activate and sharpen the personal entrepreneurial skills
Answer: activate

You can be taught to be an entrepreneure through the technical skills such as â€!â€!â€|â€!â€!...f interpersonal relationship, network building
Answer: oral communication

Shaver and â€|â€!â€|â€!â€!.. cited that \
Answer: scott

Which year did Shaver and Scott cited \
Answer: 1991

The first concept of Locus control is an important aspect of personality introduced by Julian Rotter in the â€!â€!â€|â€|â€!
Answer: 1950s

The unanswered questions of the neoclassical movement led to a new movement which became known as the â€!â€|â€!â€|â€!
Answer: austrian market process

â€|â€!â€!â€!â€|. are the outcomes of studies of schizophrenia and autism
Answer: perception

â€|â€!â€!â€!â€|. is perhaps considered the single and most important trait, which separates entrepreneurs from nonentrepreneurs.
Answer: achievement motivation

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