2017_1 TMA Solutions - GST202, Fundamentals of Peace Studies & Conflict Resolutions

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2017_1 TMA Solutions - GST202, Fundamentals of Peace Studies & Conflict Resolutions

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1 Which pair is not a method of peaceful settlement of dispute?

Reprisal and Intervention

2 Which pair is not an organ of African Unity?

World Health Organisation and European Commission

3 The name organisation of African Unity (OAU) metamorphosed to African Unity in


4 The Organisation of African unity (OAU) Was born on 25 May, 1963 in

Addis Ababa

5 Which organisation of UNO stands for the promotion of education and culture among others?


6 Which is not an agency of UNO?

European Union

7 Who is the current secretary general of united nations organisation?

Antonio Guterres

8 The foremost officer of the United Nations is

Secretary Genera l

9 Which year was United Nations organisation formed?


10 Which is true of an international organisation?

Forum for the pursuit of international peace and sec urity

11 The Acronym ECOWAS is

Economic Countries of West A frican States

12 As a principle of conflict management negotiation requires __________
Meeting the legitimate interests of the parties to the extent possible
Resolving conflicting intererests fairly
Durable and preservation of on-going r elationships
***All the options

13 The goal of negotiation (Jeong 2000: 168) is "to ______ agreement through joint decision making between parties


14 Conflict management does not include?

Conflict escalation

15 Which conflict may be non-resolvable?

Conflict over psycholog ical needs

16 Which is not a vestige of commonwealth history on her members?

Common la nguage

17 Which assistance attracts permission from EEC members before Britain offers it to any commonwealth member?


18 Which member of the Commonwealth in 1961 ceased to be a member because of its apartheid policy?

South A frica

19 The Commonwealth of Nation is a voluntary association of former ________ colonies


20 ECOWAS is a

Subregional organisati on

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Re: 2017_1 TMA Solutions - GST202, Fundamentals of Peace Studies & Conflict Resolutions

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1 For conflict management practitioners to have a clear picture of issues he must use one of the following analytical tools __________

Conflict mapping and Tracking

2 One of the following is not part of the pre-intervertion conflict analysis _____________

Decision making

3 The party that often hide their identities during conflict situation but supply primary party is called ________

Shadow party

4 There are two major types of power that can be exercised during conflict. They are

Soft and hard power

5 For a conflict analyst all the following are essentials except ________


6 The elements required to structure analysis of stakeholder include the following except


7 The criteria for determining stakeholders include all the following except __________


8 All these are cartegories of stakeholders except ______


9 ________ are those men and women group or parties who are directly or indirectly involved in conflict and its outcome

Stakeholde r

10 ________ is the critical review interpretation and explanation of what is observed and recorded about conflict situation

Conflict analysis

11 The graphical representation of the conflict in which of the conflicting parties are placed in relation to the situation on ground is called

Conflict mapping

12 In the second model, at what point will parties in conflict show respect for differences and look for ways to end problem_______

Problem solving

13 Which of these conflict handling styles can be grouped under the second model


14 When you are partially assertive and partially cooperative in a conflict handing process, it regarded as ____________


15 A conflict handing style that is characterized as unassertive and cooperative is called _______

Accomodati ng

16 The process which involve monitoring, observing and recording the trend of change and continuity in the conflict process___________

Conflict tracking

17 The dimension of behaviour that can be used to explain or define conflict handing styles include all the following except ______


18 The two basic dimension of conflict handling styles are _______________

Assertiveness and cooprativeness

19 The resolution phase is characterised by all these except_________________

Expression of grieveances and taking sides

20 Which of these best described the mitigated phase in conflict resolution?____________

Less violence and more political mobilization and negotiation
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Re: 2017_1 TMA Solutions - GST202, Fundamentals of Peace Studies & Conflict Resolutions

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1 At the point when conflicting parties have temporarily exhausted their supply of weaponry, leading to lower intensity is called

Contained phase

2 At what definte phase will violence breed further violence producing an escalatory momentum

Escalation phase

3 The phase of conflict that is characterised by direct physical attacks and confrontation leading to spilling of blood and loss of life is known as ___________


4 At what phase according to Bjon Mollar will conflicting parties express their demands and grieveances openly, but only by legal means

Manifest phase

5 Conflict is related to meaning, meaning to knowledge and knowledge is rooted in __________


6 The individualism in conflict transformation posited that " A collectivist society is __________ an individual society is ______

tighthy integrated and loosely integrated

7 Ethnicity and nationalism are the creation of elites who draw upon distorted and fabricated materials from culture of the group to gain political and economics advantage. This position is an extracts from

Krugen, 1933

8 Going by the assumption on ethnicity and conflict __________ argued that ethnicity and nationalism are not given but are social and political construction


9 The theory which sees conflict as dysfunctional, abnormal and a disease which can be endemic to a society is called ______

Structural-functional theory

10 Conflict was viewed as having a constructive contribution towards a healthy industrial order. This is according to _________________

Pluralist perspective

11 Conflict tends to evolve in a ___________ patterns


12 Which of these communities do not see conflict as negative in their language


13 Some trade actors or network that may involve in causing or exacerbating conflict include those in ______________

extractive industri es

14 Which of these is not a proposition on roles according to turner

Roles in relation to psychology

15 Going by the paper on Danida conference on Conflict Prevention and Peace Building in Africa, at what phase can a conflict be easily nipped in the bud


16 Which of these is not an indicator of impending conflict

Spiritualis m

17 At what stage of conflict situation will parties involved begin to experience gradual cessation of hostifity

De-escalation stage

18 Which of these stages is characterized by the formation of enemy images

Escalation stage

19 Which of the following is not a barrier to social perception____________

cognitive perception

20 Some of the tribal conflict in Nigeria can be traced to ______________

ethnic stereotypes
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Re: 2017_1 TMA Solutions - GST202, Fundamentals of Peace Studies & Conflict Resolutions

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1 Conflict and competition are two point on a continum. Which of these statements is correct

Conflict is aggravated competition

2 The definition of conflict as opposition among social entities directed against one another can be credited to _________

Quicy wright

3 Which of the following statement best deseribes conflict

a by-product of social change

4 Conflict could arise as a result of differences in _________


5 Which of these does not agree with conflict


6 The term conflict is derived from the latin word_____________


7 All the following are possible causes of conflict except _________________

equal participation

8 The theory of emergence of charismatic leader who could moslize the sub-ordinate can be traced to ______________

Max Web er

9 The proletariats are called _____________

Subordinate segment

10 The philosopher who opined that the degree of inequality in the distribution of resources generate inherent conflict of interest is

Karl max

11 Which of these classicication of conflict is most prevalent in africa

Ethnic and religion

12 All these are type of conflict except ______________

Inter-continental conflict

13 Cold war, terrorism religious conflicts are examples of _____________

Conflict involving values

14 The conflict of "fulfillment progression" is related to the theory of _______________

Maslow theory of need

15 Which of these cause of conflict is related to maslow theory of need

Conflict over psychologiacal need

16 The marxian theory of conflict is about ______________

Unequal distribution a scarce resources

17 Conflict has been described as a normal, natural and inevitable phenomenon in any interactive situation of human life. This description can be deascribed as ________

true of human existence

18 One of the listed options does not portray the true meaning of conflict

to build a cohesive force towards co mmon goal

19 One of the following will make an individual more accomodating and appreciative of other personality._________

friendly enviroment

20 Which of the following generally precipitate conflict ______________


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