Did You Know That Ronaldo Started Football As A Goalkeeper?

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Did You Know That Ronaldo Started Football As A Goalkeeper?

Postby Jed » Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:59 pm

Although he is now regarded as one of the most potent goalscorers to ever play football, Real Madrid ambassador Ronaldo De Lima started football as a goalkeeper.

In an interview on YouTube programme Canal Zico 10, the Brazil legend revealed that he passed his first trial as a goalkeeper in Futsal and finally switched to a striking role.

He said, “I went to a trial in Valqueire (in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), but as Futsal was very challenging, there were about 50 children to do the same trial.

“I wanted to play on the right wing, where most of the people were as I still couln’t shoot well with my left.

“There were people in every position, but there were only three goalkeepers.

“I completed the trial as a keeper and I passed, but in training I changed my position and never looked back.”

The FIFA World Cup winner went on to play from Cruzeiro, Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid, scoring hundreds of goals in a career lasting nearly two decades.


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