NGO, Save Tourism Foundation wants Nigerian youths to learn trade

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NGO, Save Tourism Foundation wants Nigerian youths to learn trade

Postby Richtubor » Wed Sep 20, 2017 7:43 pm

NGO wants Nigerian youths to learn trade

The Save Tourism Foundation, a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), has advised youths to learn trade to enable them contribute to national development.
Mrs Olabisi Onala-Nyemenim, the NGO executive director, gave this advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Badagry.
Onala-Nyemenim said that learning a trade would be an added advantage to other careers they chose to pursue.

“I have never seen graduates, who learned tailoring, carpentry, painting, photography and end up looking for jobs all over the place.
“Going to school should not be the only thing, but learning a trade must be done so as to have a primary means of livelihood.

According to her, acquiring skills will help youths to become useful to themselves and the society as well as pave the way for them to advance further economically.
She advised the public to stop blaming government for unemployment, but learn how to be self reliant.

“One thing is certain, government cannot do everything, so people should learn how to rely on themselves and not on the government at all times.
“People should be focused and try to accomplish their set goals because complaining always would not take anybody anywhere,” Onala-Nyemenim said.
The NGO executive director advised youths to cultivate the habit of working hard as well as being trustworthy as according to her, these virtues can guarantee success.


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