Making Good Use Of Your Time In Traffic

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Making Good Use Of Your Time In Traffic

Postby Adele » Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:53 pm

Heavy traffic, horns blaring, insults and curses, an occasional splash of water on pedestrians and a crowd of people at a bus stop. That is often a typical Monday morning in a bubbling city such as Lagos. Being stuck in traffic can be the beginning of a spell of annoying or irritating days where nothing seems to work as planned.

Creating an ideal Monday different from the description above is possible. Being stuck in traffic is not the end of a good day. Think of positive ways to pass the time while the traffic eases.

Positive thoughts
This is not the time to resent anything or anyone. Start planning the day in your mind and the tasks you have to do at work. Do not over think it. Dispel any negative thoughts about what can’t be achieved and set reachable goals. Think of positive changes to make to come out earlier the next day or on subsequent Mondays.

Drive carefully
Weaving through traffic quickly, even though you are in a hurry, can be dangerous. Be patient as such actions might make the traffic worse and create further delay. Do not insult or curse other motorists because things are not going as planned. Such actions will not cause the traffic to part like the red sea. Instead, be kind and patient. Stop for pedestrians who want to cross the road. Doing a bit of kindness actually helps you feel better about yourself.

Books and podcasts
Find something productive to do on the commute to work. You can read an ebook, listen to a podcast or catch up with the latest news on your favourite news outlet. You can also make a funny video or voice note and send to your friends to make them smile.


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