How To Do Some Stuff On The New Portal –

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How To Do Some Stuff On The New Portal –

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[justify]To register your information with the school on the new portal
1. Click on or visit:
2. If you are using phone, Click on the menu button (it is the symbol that looks like three stacked horizontal lines)…
3. Click on “Register”
4. Fill the form with your details as required.
5. Click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page
6. Check the bottom of the page after submission to see if the registration was successful.
7. If the registration is not successful, please visit the study centre for manual registration. If registration is successful, then you can proceed to “login” with your matric number and the username you earlier created during registration.

To Make Payments into your eWallet
1. Login with your matric number and password
2. If you are using mobile phone, click on the menu button
3. Click on “manage wallet” and then click on “load wallet”.
4. Fill in the required information, and as a precaution, you might like to correct the phone number by adding the first zero at the beginning.
5. In the payment option tab, select “Bank Branch”
6. Click on “Pay” and the site will direct you to the Remita page where you will see your RRR payment code (they are numbers separated by hyphens (dashes)).
7. Copy the RRR code and proceed to pay at any commercial bank (except Zenith for now)
8. At the bank, fill your teller normally like any other teller, but do not put any account number. The account name should be National Open University of Nigeria and Depositor’s name should be your own name (even though you are sending someone to make the payment on your behalf). Remember to write the RRR code at the top of your teller (in any space you find at the top).
9. Collect the customer copy of the teller and also collect the printout of the remita receipt.
10. *Students are STRONGLY advised to keep all their tellers and receipts together in a safe place till they graduate as they may be required at one point or the other and are usually needed at the point of graduation from the school where you may be required to present _at least_ 3 of them They usually screen students with this requirement.*

How to register your courses and exams
1. Visit
2. Log in with your matric number and password as required
3. Click on the Menu button (if you are using mobile phone) and click on “Registration” and then click on “semester registration” to register your Semester.

4. Fill the form that Appears.

(i) Under “Semester”, select “1st Semester 2017” (meaning the first semester that u are experiencing in 2017… Remember that the school has two semesters in a year_).

(ii) Under “Semester Count”, you are meant to fill in the total number of _*Active*_ semesters that you have spent in NOUN till date. Hence, if you are currently in 2nd semester of 300 level, it means that your semester count is *6*. The semester count is what determines the courses that will load into your portal after you complete this registration.

(iii) You will not be able to do any course registration until there is enough money in your e-wallet to cover such registrations. You will also not be able to do any exam registration for any course if such a course had not been previously registered under course registration.

5. When you are done with all these, you can click on “Print” to print out the form (advisable) and/or click on “Submit” in order to submit your entry.

6. When this is done, you can then proceed to click on “Register Courses” and then “Register Exams” to fill the required information and complete your course and exam registrations Respectively.

To solve your TMA

1. Log in to with your matric number and password.
2. Click on “Courses” and then click on “Tutor Marked Assignments”
3. Select the course to be treated and you are good to go.

(i) You will not find any courses here if you have not completed your course registration.
(ii) You will also be able to check your exam results later using this same “Courses” button.[/justify]

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