Did anyone receive an e-mail like this from Ceags?

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Did anyone receive an e-mail like this from Ceags?

Postby Adebisi » Sat Nov 10, 2018 4:34 am

Did anyone receive an e-mail like this from Ceags?

Hello all,
TMA 3 is actually the questionnaire you will fill at the end of the course.
You are all doing well, so continue to participate diligently till you get to
the end.

Your effort is crowned by the fact that you can write on any topic of your
choice now. You should be able to develop your choice topic paragraph by
paragraph by ensuring that one sentence leads to the next keeping it coherent.

Make use of carefully selected transitional devices to buttress your point in
sustained manner without losing the trend guided by the theme of your write up.

Let us sustain the good disposition of asking questions to reveal the
challenges of your studying this course and I will continue to respond to your
inquiries as we've been doing.

Next week will however, witness another facilitator coming online to lead the

Keep your questions coming for as long as you are not done yet with the
Well done and encourage other students to participate in the online platform. .

-Dr Felix Gbenoba

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