2020_1 TMA Questions & Answers: ECO256 - Mathematics For Economist II

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2020_1 TMA Questions & Answers: ECO256 - Mathematics For Economist II

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2020_1 TMA Questions & Answers: ECO256 - Mathematics For Economist II


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If \\[y=\\left ( -12xA{2} Wright )W], differentiate it using one of the rules of Differentiation An

Given \\[y=\\frac{8}{x}\\], solve by finding its derivatives
Answer: \\[-8xA{-2}\\]\n

Solve the derivative function \\[xA{6}\\], using the rule of integration^
Answer: \\[\\frac{1}{7}xA{7} + c\\]

If \\[\\frac{1K7}xA{7}\\] is \\[xA{6}\\] using diffemtiantion, \\[\\frac{1}{7}xA{7}\\] is known as\n\n
Answer: primitive function

The concept of Derivative is about
Answer: rate of change

\\[\\int xA{n}dx =\\f rac{ 1 }{n+1 }xA{n+1} + C\\]\nin the rules integration is called
Answer: power function rule

Solve to indentify the nature of the function \\ ^=2^72^82^], when \\[z=4\\]\n \n
Answer: dcreasing

\\[ln order of matrix, where VmV is equal to VnV, the matrix is considered matrix\\]\n
Answer: inverse

Use constant rule of integration, evaluateW [\\int1000dx\\]\n
Answer: \\[1000x + c\\]\n

Indentify the correct integration notation for \\ [y=\\sqrt{xA{3}}\\]\n
Answer: \\[\\int \\sqrt{xA{3}}dx\\]\n

Use one of the rules of differentiation to solve the equation \\[y=5xA{4}\\left ( 3x-7 Wright )\\]\n
Answer: W[75xA{4}-140xA{3}W]\n

If \\[y=\\pi\\]f where \\[\\pi\\] is 3.142. Differentiate the function\n\n
Answer: 10

Compute the integral function \\ [\\int_{3}A{8}6x\\]\n
Answer: 165

What is the \\[f\\left ( x Wright )W] of W [100+Wfrac{1K4}xW]\n\n
Answer: \\[\\frac{1}{4}\\]\n

If \\[q=3pA{2}-14p+5\\], where\\[p=4\\], solve the equation to determine the functional form of the equationAn \n
Answer: asymptotic

\\[lf the déterminât of a matrix is not equal to zero, such a matrix is __\\]\n
Answer: nonsingular

Identify the generalized power function rule in differentiation if \\[y=MxA{n}\\]\n
Answer: \\[n(m)xA{n-1}\\]

\\[When an identity matrix is multiply by itself severally, and the result remain the same, such a matrix is known as matrix\\^n
Answer: idempotent

\\[ln matrix operation, a matrix of 3by2 dimension is intterpreted as \\]\n
Answer: 3 rows, 2 columns

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