NOUN eExams Past Questions & Answers: HCM232 - Menu Development & Planning

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NOUN eExams Past Questions & Answers: HCM232 - Menu Development & Planning

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NOUN eExams Past Questions & Answers: HCM232 - Menu Development & Planning

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FBQ1: There is calcium in some foods like spinach and cereals but the body does not make use of it because it is in ------------------ forms
Answer: *Soluble*

FBQ2: In extreme cases of calcium deficiency, children develop -----------------
Answer: *Rickets*

FBQ3: In extreme cases of calcium deficiency, adults develop -----------------
Answer: *Osteomalacia*

FBQ4: The common name for sodium and chlorine together is ---------------
Answer: *Common salt*

FBQ5: The body loses most of its sodium through -----------
Answer: *Urine*

FBQ6: Deficiency of vitamin ----------------- causes night blindness
Answer: *A*

FBQ7: Muscle cramps, headaches, and tiredness are caused as a result of deficiency disease of ---------------------
Answer: *Sodium*

FBQ8: The most important amongst all intake of man is ----------------
Answer: *Water*

FBQ9: Shea butter is a fat because it does not melt at ------------------------
Answer: *Room temperature*

FBQ10: To facilitate selection of food that meet each reasons nutritional need we use food ------------
Answer: *Groups*

FBQ11: The science and practice of preserving health is known as ---------
Answer: *Hygiene*

FBQ12: Among all the workers in the eatery, hotels and similar places, which group in particular should not be allowed to wash toilets -----------------
Answer: *Food handlers*

FBQ13: Equipment, mechanical equipment, utensils and small equipment used for food production are called ---------------- equipment
Answer: *Kitchen*

FBQ14: One of the major factors that affect nutritive value of food is ----------------- method
Answer: *Cooking*

FBQ15: Cooking food slowly over low heat in small quantity of water for a long time is known as -----------------
Answer: *Stewing*

FBQ16: In order not to make braised food greasy, remove excess ---------------
Answer: *Fat*

FBQ17: Liver, sweet bread, kidneys, tongues are classed as --------------------
Answer: *Offals*

FBQ18: In methods of purchasing, the primary ------------------ is used for raw materials
Answer: *Market*

FBQ19: A written formulation for production is known as standard ------------- food or beverages
Answer: *Recipe*

FBQ20: Foods which are partly or completely prepared by the manufacturer are called -----------food
Answer: *Convenience*

FBQ21: Any solid or liquid which when ingested can provide the body with nourishment is known as ---------------
Answer: *Food*

FBQ22: To be just to each customer coming to be served in a hotel there must be portion -----------------
Answer: *Control*

FBQ23: Agreement between the hotel and the client is a special -----------------
Answer: *Function*

FBQ24: Undesirable changes taking place in foods left unattended for a long time is known as food ---------------
Answer: *Spoilage*

FBQ25: High moisture foods are classed as --------------- foods
Answer: *Perishable*

FBQ26: The most crucial stage of menu planning is monitoring and ----------------
Answer: *Evaluation*

FBQ27: A menu with all the dishes individually priced and cooked at the order of the customer is known as --------------
Answer: *A’ la Carte*

FBQ28: Meat derived from domesticated birds is known as -------------------
Answer: *Poultry*

FBQ29: ------------------------- takes place before absorption of ingested food
Answer: *Digestion*

FBQ30: Protein out rightly helps to ---------------
Answer: *Promote growth*

FBQ31: Vitamins are classed as water soluble and ----------------- soluble
Answer: *Fat*

FBQ32: Building of bone and teeth, blood clothing and working of the muscles require --------------- mineral
Answer: *Calcium*

FBQ33: A female teenager loses iron through monthly ---------------------
Answer: *Menstruation*

FBQ34: A pregnant woman needs a lot of iron for herself and the -----------------
Answer: *Foetus*

FBQ35: Minerals are inorganic elements required for the ------------------ of body structure
Answer: *Formation*

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):
MCQ1: There is calcium in some foods like spinach and cereals but the body does not make use of it because ------------------
Answer: It is in soluble form

MCQ2: Phosphorus works with ------------- vitamins to build bones and teeth
Answer: Vitamin A

MCQ3: Night blindness is a deficiency disease of vitamin -------------
Answer: A

MCQ4: -------------- nutrient is most important to man because it takes part in all the functions of the body
Answer: Protein

MCQ5: Galactose is a -------------
Answer: Monosaccharide

MCQ6: Folic acid is a ----------------
Answer: Mineral

MCQ7: Foods are classified into ----------------- groups
Answer: 4

MCQ8: To facilitate selection of food that meet each reasons nutritional need we use -----------------
Answer: Food groups

MCQ9: ----------------- is the science and practice of preserving health
Answer: Hygiene

MCQ10: One of these is not essential of personal hygiene-----
Answer: Bathing, hand wash, care of finger nails

MCQ11: Which of the following group of workers should not wash toilets
Answer: The food handlers

MCQ12: Which of the following does not apply to a kitchen floor-----------------
Answer: Easy to clean

MCQ13: Plastic wares are among ------------------- equipment
Answer: Market

MCQ14: Nutritive value of food is highly influenced by ----------------
Answer: Frying method

MCQ15: Excessive application of heat to protein foods does --------------------
Answer: Denatures the protein

MCQ16: Grilled foods digest ------------
Answer: Slowly

MCQ17: Sausage rolls are -------
Answer: Pre – assembly convenience

MCQ18: Standards are aids to management for measuring ---------------------
Answer: Efficiency

MCQ19: When changes that are not desirable starts occurring in foods, such is regarded as ---------------
Answer: Food fermentation

MCQ20: A class of food that has so much of moisture is said to be known as ----------------
Answer: Welfare food

MCQ21: A primary selling aid used in food industry is known as -----------------
Answer: Design

MCQ22: ---------------- are animals kept in cages, on the floor and in batteries
Answer: Goats

MCQ23: Photosynthesis is the process by which ----------------- is produced
Answer: Protein

MCQ24: The body is nourished by -------------
Answer: Nutrients

MCQ25: Fructose is another name for ---------------
Answer: Sugar cane

MCQ26: Marasmus is a disease condition which results from deficiency of --------------
Answer: Vitamins and mineral salt

MCQ27: Fat is different from oil because ----------------
Answer: It is stronger than oil

MCQ28: Vitamin D is also the same known as ----------------
Answer: Cholecalciferol

MCQ29: The skin act as ---------------- in where nutrient is concerned
Answer: Protecting organ

MCQ30: Vitamin D is a nutrient that protects the body against ---------------
Answer: Marasmus

MCQ31: Blood clot is enhanced by vitamin ---------------
Answer: A

MCQ32: Adequate intake of -------------- results to strong teeth and bones
Answer: Phosphorus

MCQ33: Ascorbic acid is another name for vitamin -------------------
Answer: A

MCQ34: Vitamins are classed into ------------- broad categories
Answer: 2

MCQ35: Apart from urination, excess salt is also removed from the body through the ----------
Answer: Urinary organ

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